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Never feel like you’re on a diet again

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When Did Eating Well Become So Complicated?

Simple Stupid Nutrition is a nutrition coaching program that is personalized to you. It is rooted in the realities of your life and adapts based on your struggles, goals, and progress. We take a complicated process and make it simple for you to navigate through sustainable habit and macronutrient based skills instead of templated instructions.

While on paper, most diets or weight loss programs could “work” for anyone, they usually aren’t accounting for the complexities of your everyday life. Simple Stupid Nutrition creates sustainable change by taking a more well rounded approach.

Regular check-ins with your coach, along with the Simple Stupid Nutrition Community, is what further sets us apart and will help hold you accountable as long as you need it.

As a member, you’ll get the backup and understanding you need to get results, feel better than ever and look amazing.

Having a personal nutrition coach will change your life forever. Take the first step and get in touch today.

Small Changes | Long-Term Success

Everywhere you look, there are meal plans and diets that promise the world but don’t deliver. This is usually because you’re given a guide then left alone to implement it and stay on track.

With Simple Stupid Nutrition, you get 1:1 support on your journey to better health and lifestyle. Our experts combine cutting-edge knowledge with simple programs that are tailored to your needs and goals.

No Fad Diets

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Group Accountability

Simple, Life-long Skills

Feel Great and Look Better, Forever


Simple Stupid Nutrition will show you how to achieve the results you have wanted for years.

This unique program is not a template, a meal plan or another diet. It’s focused on personalized nutrition coaching that will change your health and your lifestyle for the long term.

You get 1:1 nutrition coaching plus a built-in community that will act as your cheer squad.

The Right Information & a Smart New Approach

Are you tired of working out and eating ‘healthy’ but not seeing results?
Personalized nutrition coaching is the solution you’ve been looking for. Speak directly with a nutrition coach today!

Why Choose Simple Stupid Nutrition?

Industry Experts

Simple Stupid Nutrition is led by Olympic trainer and nutrition coach Thomas Mayhugh.

Real Solutions. Real Results.

Having 1:1 support will transform your approach to nutrition and health.

No Fad Diets

No single food group is off the menu and you don’t have to skip meals to succeed.

Designed for YOU

The guidance you receive from your nutrition coach is based on you and your goals.

Great Health Made Simple

Watch your body transform while still enjoying the foods you love.

Join the Community

Share your wins and celebrate your progress.

Success Stories From Our Members

Personalized Nutrition Coaching That Makes a Difference

The right combination of support, structure and
flexibility to hit your lifestyle goals.

Never feel like you’re on a diet again

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Arrange your initial consultation with a nutrition coach.

Work 1:1 with your coach

You’ll get personalized support to transform your habits and start feeling better than ever.

Continue your journey

Benefit from monthly check-ins and group accountability until ‘feeling great’ just feels normal.