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When Did Eating Well Become So Complicated?

Last we checked, eating fruits, vegetables, and meat is still considered healthy. And yet, everywhere you turn, companies try to sell products and diets that condemn essential nutrition concepts. Are you confused by it all? We don’t blame you.
At Simple Stupid Nutrition, we develop a nutrition coaching program that’s easy to follow and 100% personalized to you in every way.
So say goodbye to fad diets, cookie cutter meal templates, and outdated macronutrient guidelines. And say hello to an approach that goes above and beyond to understand your struggles so you can change once and for all.
We’ll coach you to sustainable change, holding you accountable to your habits and goals. And as a Member of our coaching program, you’ll have access to our Simple Stupid Nutrition Community. So you can join in, share your struggles and successes, and have the backup and support you need to succeed.
Hiring a personal nutrition coach will change your life forever. So take the first step and get in touch today,

Meet Coach Thomas

Your partner in personalized nutrition coaching.


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