Are you better for eating egg whites?

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*This is not an attack on egg whites. They are still healthy. But you could be better if you keep the yolk.

I used to be all about a big ol’ egg white omelette.

Add some spinach, mushrooms, tomato…mouth watering yet?

It’s the healthy alternative right?

That’s what the menu says.

But, turns out I was under-nourishing myself and leaving some quality nutrients on the table (in the kitchen trashcan).

Through my reading, research, and own experimentation, I’m now all about the whole damn egg, with a dippy yolk.

Usuallly 3, 4, or 5 of them at a time.

On top of some meat.

BRB gonna go eat breakfast real quick.

Egg whites became the popular alternative at some point back in the day because they’re “low-fat” and “low-cholesterol”

You know, the diet that became recommended.

Luckily, there were some curious against-the-grain type smart people who have helped us better understand cholesterol and fat.

And how good it is for us.

If you’d like to learn more about that stuff let me know and I can send you some links.

I’m just here to give you the good news:

Eat eggs with the yolk.

The yolk is PACKED with protein and nutrients that may otherwise be deficient in your diet.

Not to mention essential nutrients to help brain development in kids.

Stands to reason that if you’re planning to have kids you may not want to be deficient yourself, in nutrients that they need.

Eat them however you like but the more you cook things (as well as the longer you store natural foods) the further you deplete the nutrients.

Hence why eating them with a runny yolk is best.

Shoot for organic, free-range eggs. (From a local farmer or farmers market)

Organic means the chickens are not fed any crap processed feed with antibiotics or steroids, they eat real nutrients.

And they are free range meaning they are able to be fully functioning, move around and use their muscles and other body systems, so the quality of their nutrient dense eggs are best.

(Cage free may not mean the same as free-range)

Buying from a local farmer and asking them how their chickens live would be the best way to know for sure.

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