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The missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to long term change is accountability. Accountability comes not only from a coach but from the people you spend time with most as well. Our program helps you change your environment as well as your habits.

Stop trying to figure it all out on your own! Personalized nutrition coaching will help you achieve sustainable results.

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We’ve made sure your journey to better nutrition is stupidly simple! Download the app for a more seamless transition to a healthier, happier you.

You’ll get direct access to personalized nutrition coaching, video call capabilities, notifications and more.

Follow your program, track your weight, body measurements and photos, and log your food choices so you can understand exactly what’s driving your success.

Simply Get Results

Simple Stupid Nutrition gives you an in-your-pocket platform that offers personalized nutrition coaching plus all the tools you need to successfully navigate your health and fitness journey for the long-term.

Stop trying to figure it all out on your own! Personalized nutrition coaching will help you achieve sustainable results.

No guessing, no fad dieting, no b.s.

Never feel like you’re on a diet again

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Benefit from weekly check-ins and group accountability until ‘feeling great’ just feels normal.

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5 Week Solo-Start Program
In just 35 days, you will:
  • Transform your eating habits into conscious and intentional actions.
  • Order, shop for, and cook food that is convenient, healthy, and tasty.
  • Eat with confidence and free of guilt.
  • Gain the support system you’ve been missing.
  • Make food decisions like a PRO in any situation.
  • Have clients asking WHAT you’re doing.
  • Be healthier for life.
  • Lose weight…NOW.
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  • Included in your 35-day Solo-Start Program:
  • 👇
  • Away-from-your-chair questionnaire
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  • 30 minute coffee shop conversation: in-person eating, environment, and lifestyle consultation.
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  • Crafted 5 week best & worst case outline (how I see it working for you)
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  • Customized progressive habit change plan
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  • 3 “Before-I-eat-this” daily self awareness questions
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  • 4 highly-effective personal lifestyle enhancing tips
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  • Structured “measuring and progressing habits” check-in schedule
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  • Personalized techniques for forming and applying new habits for consistency. Not perfection.
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  • Grocery shopping trip with Thomas
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  • Home and workplace kitchen evaluation guide and critique
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  • (4) 30-min. weekly check-in’s
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  • Unlimited digital access to Thomas
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  • Weekly exercise opportunity with Thomas & Simple Stupid Run Club
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  • Referral bonuses upon completion
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  • And, much more.
5 Month Mentorship
In this long term mentorship, you will:
  • Get everything in the 5 and 8 week programs, plus learn how to:
  • Define and break through self-limiting beliefs and hold backs
  • Discover and implement effective strategies to develop habits that last in less time
  • Deep dive the nuances of situations and influence your environment has on decision making
  • Craft specific plans of action to create your new environment
  • Develop your appetite and build healthy eating habits that put you in control
  • Apply simple cooking, planning, and decision making skills that create confidence around food
  • Use discovery questions to quickly assess why you’re eating what you’re eating, or why someone is trying to undermine you.
  • Build your own arsenal of confident statements that shut down doubt, social undermining, shame, and guilt
  • Develop the intentional eating skills guaranteed to enhance your meals, relationships, and lifestyle
  • Quickly make decisions with confidence based on the bigger picture of your health goals
  • Become somebody who’s health is an obvious top priority, who’s friends, family and clients look to for inspiration.
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  • Included in your 5 month mentorship:
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  • Bi-weekly 1 hour check-ins with Thomas
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  • Bi-weekly 30-Minute grocery, farmers market, or workouts with Thomas
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  • Expert Weekly Schedule Template (Calories, Meals, Workouts, Etc)
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  • Expanded nutrition workbook content to enhance understanding and reinforce control.
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  • And, much more

Your Burning Questions Answered

Simple Stupid Nutrition is a nutrition coaching program that is personalized to you. It is rooted in the realities of your life and adapts based on your struggles, goals, and progress. We take a complicated process and make it simple for you to navigate through sustainable habit and macronutrient based skills instead of templated instructions.

While on paper, most diets or weight loss programs could “work” for anyone, they usually aren’t accounting for the complexities of your everyday life. Simple Stupid Nutrition creates sustainable change by taking a more holistic approach (dealing with the whole of something, not just a part). Your coach spends time with you learning about your relationship with food. Knowing how you make decisions, what’s motivating you to change, and what has or hasn’t worked in the past are details that will influence the direction of your personal program. A weekly check-in with your coach along with the SSN community is what further sets us apart and will help hold you accountable as long as you need it.

We use a mobile app as a tool that allows us to track things like food, activity, habits, and progress all in one place; and is also home to the messenger where you can communicate with your coach any time outside of your 1:1 calls.

This will depend on your health condition and will need to be discussed directly with your coach as well as your doctor prior to starting your program.

We cannot predict how much weight you will lose. On average, members experience losing 0.5lb-1.5% of bodyweight per week over the course of 12 months. This can fluctuate drastically depending on your adherence to the program and many other factors.

At Simple Stupid Nutrition, we acknowledge the value of understanding calorie and macro tracking. We also recognize that tracking isn’t for everyone. So, we use it as a tool alongside the practice of other habit and mindset driven skills to get you through the sticking points and continue to see progress in your program.

No. There will be nothing specifically restrictive about your program and your coach will work with you to determine the right amount of carbs based on your goals, needs, and preferences.

No. We believe that meal plans make you reliant on instruction and these don’t help you sustain change in the long term. We want to teach you the tools to know how to eat so you don’t ever need a meal plan. That being said, as a member of the SSN Community on Facebook you’ll have access to recipes, tips, tricks, and other helpful resources for your journey.

Absolutely, your coach will help you identify what you’re specifically struggling with within your busy life and provide simple solutions in your program with that in mind. Additionally, the app provides on-the-go access to your coach, your data, and resources right in your pocket.

No. If you are curious about supplements or protein (shakes, bars, etc.) you’re encouraged to talk to your coach about it! They can make suggestions specific to you, but we will never push or pressure you to buy specific products nor will you be required to buy products as part of adherence to the program.

We do not currently offer any discounts.

We do not currently offer a free trial.

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