Should you do a juice cleanse? (Probably not)

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Here’s a text message thread I want to share from a client:

(I asked if I could share)

Client: How do you feel about juice cleanses?

Me: *Spitting juice out GIF* 

Me: Would never recommend.

Client: Not even to detoxify the body and flush out all the bad stuff?

Me: There’s no such thing. Your body does that naturally. A juice cleanse is just a gimmick

Client: Even the “reboot your metabolism”?

Me: If you have to put it in quotations..don’t you think that makes it a gimmick? Lol, but yes, especially the “reboot your metabolism”. There’s nothing wrong with your metabolism.

Client: I’m just reading what the bottle says lol but ugh!

Me: Did you buy that?

Client: Last year I bought a whole [terrible company] package before I started working out. Came with a cleanse. Wanted to use it today but won’t!

Me: Ahh, yikes. Yea throw it away! Far, far away!

Client: Okay. That’s crazy that our bodies do it naturally because they make it sound like you NEED said product to do it for you.

Me: Marketing (with *magician waving magic fingers* GIF)

Client: Yep they got me. I knew I wanted to run it by you. Thanks for the insight!!

Me: Always 🙂

Anyone in the same boat as her? Sorry.

But you’ve been fooled.

Your body (liver, lungs, etc.) is ALWAYS naturally cleansing or “detoxifying” itself.

If not, you’d be dead.

A healthy diet only makes this natural cleansing more efficient. 

If there is “bad stuff” to detoxify, it has taken time to get there, one simple juice cleanse would not clear it out. 

Instead, get your nutrition right.

The reason people THINK juice cleanses work is probably because they lost weight because all they did was drink juice with ~500 to maybe ~1000 calories in it in a day where they’re usually averaging 1800+ calories.

They’re just intaking less calories.

Which means weight loss.

But drinking nothing but juice is NOT a healthy way to lose weight. Why?

Juice cleanses are:

 Deficient in protein.

 Low in fat. (YOU NEED FAT)

 Overloaded with sugar.

 They can actually throw off your body’s natural detox systems.

 Sometimes leads to eating more because people think the juice cleanse is magic that allows you to eat what you want on top of your juice.

No no.

If a juice cleanse gets someone on the path to making the right decisions in a smart and coach-monitored way, it can’t be all bad.

But it’s definitely not all-healthy.

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