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Another morning, another frustrating breakfast decision. It is important, right?

Another day sifting through an overwhelming mass of headlines and ideas/diets you think are the missing piece to accelerate your weight loss and get you on track.

When all of a sudden you remember what HAS to be the reason you’re stuck. Breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Is it?

Or would it more logically make sense that it’s really good marketing from breakfast companies…?

I won’t really go there, but think about it…

If you’ve ever been trying to lose weight and had the thought come across your head that you NOT eating breakfast was the problem, I’m sorry.

I am sure there are instances where this could be the case and eating breakfast has helped somebody, but I can assure you there is much needed context involved, that still ultimately amounted to them eating less calories overall.

We aren’t talking about that though. This is for the rest of you. This is about how I’ve helped (some) clients realize that they don’t have to force themselves to eat breakfast.

It started with an inevitably frustrating check-in call, discussing the stressors throughout this client’s day and we wanted to find a simple habit to work on.

I asked her which meal she felt the most stressed about each day. With the intention of figuring out what made it stressful and then what could we change minimally to work towards reducing the stress.

In this case she said breakfast – so after asking what do you typically eat, what time, etc. I asked the light bulb question: “When you get up, are you hungry?”

She said no.

I said well shoot, how would you feel about skipping breakfast?

She said: oh my goodness, that would be amazing. Are you sure? I thought it was the most important meal of the day, has all these benefits for my metabolism and bla bla…

I said, forget that for now. Let’s try it.

We removed the huge stress she was starting EVERY single day with. What it allowed her to do was start off her day happier. She could then be more intentional about what she was eating later on when she got hungry. She ultimately was eating less calories (by removing a meal she wasn’t even hungry for) and began losing weight.

The goal is to remove stressors, not add them. And in her case, trying to navigate shrinking or overanalyzing her later meals would have been much more stressful and unrealistic for her than simply removing breakfast.

It’s about asking the right questions. That’s what we do.

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