Success Ahead: Stay on the train.

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You’re on a train.

This train is headed exactly where you need it to.

How can you be so sure?

Well, it’s on tracks.

And there’s quite literally nowhere else it can go other than where those tracks lead.

Sometimes the train slows down, sometimes it speeds up but it is always moving forward – toward the inevitable destination.

100% it is going there.

However, anytime you gaze out the window you see another train.

A shinier train.

A seemingly faster train. That looks like it might be going in the same direction.

But is it?

Is the time it would take you to get off this train and get on to that one worth it?

What if it’s headed a completely different direction up ahead?

You get it.

I paint this analogy for clients all the time.

As soon as we start to see some progress – in this case, weight loss – we start to wonder “what else can I do?”

More often than not, these distractions lead us to stunt our progress.

So, when working towards any goal and feeling potentially distracted or overwhelmed with other “trains”…ask yourself:

Is what I’m doing working?

If the answer is yes: stay on the train.

Consistency always wins.

I’m not here to convince you that you need a coach.

I’m here to be the coach you deserve, when you decide you want one.

Until then, I’ll be here giving out information that other coaches charge for, for free.

Maybe you don’t need my help.

But would you turn down free coffee to find out?

​Let’s set it up!​​

Be the best!


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