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Thomas Mayhugh

I am the Founder & CEO of Simple Stupid Nutrition and an award-winning Personal Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach.

For almost a decade, I’ve trained countless youth & professional athletes, medal-winning Olympians & Paralympians as well as hard-working humans. Working on the field and in the gym, I always aim to get the most out of people. Seeing them reap the benefits is what drives me.

My passion for nutrition began in college but evolved when I noticed something: the majority of the general population want to lose weight — they work hard in the gym every day — yet still find themselves frustrated because they aren’t achieving their weight loss goals.

I realized something was missing. Nutrition is an overwhelming struggle for people and I wanted to figure out why. I made it my mission to crack the code and build something that could actually help change people’s lives forever.

My growing team and I have now helped members lose hundreds of pounds, change their lifestyle, fit into clothes they never thought they would, and most importantly feel happy and confident again.

Who’s next?

Personal Nutrition Coach