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Simple Stupid Nutrition Transformations

What Members Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, meet some of our happy clients…

Nutrition Coaching Transformations

“My experience with Thomas has been nothing short of amazing. I have been working with him for 14 months and never imagined I would have stuck with it this long but am so happy I have. Thomas’ guidance has helped me gain a positive outlook on nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. The results I have experienced go far beyond just weight loss. I can truly say that with Thomas’ help, I have not only gained confidence but now have the knowledge to be my healthiest physically and mentally. I love that Thomas truly focuses on an 80/20 balanced lifestyle. He is extremely motivating and supportive without being overbearing. Being reminded that perfection is not the goal, but instead being happy along the journey, is a game changer for me. Having clear and exact nutrition goals is extremely helpful when planning and being setup for success. This takes the guessing game out and doesn’t leave me feeling stressed about choices.”

Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

“My entire adult life I have been on a diet. I have literally tried all of them! At times I would lose some weight, but I was never able to keep it off and would end up gaining it all and plus some back. After years of frustration, I finally admitted to myself I needed help. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, but just didn’t know where to start. This is when I found Thomas! We talked about my struggles, my goals and my lifestyle. Thomas was able to help me figure out what a healthy lifestyle looked like and how to execute it. He literally made it simple stupid! After a year of working with Thomas, I am living the healthy lifestyle I’ve always wanted and it doesn’t hurt I’ve lost weight along the way. I still can enjoy the foods I like and lose weight. Thomas keeps me accountable, calls me out if my bad habits start to reappear and helps me celebrate my successes!”


“Coach Thomas has been supportive through the entire journey. Not only does he show tremendous hospitality but he demonstrated genuine interest in his clients. It’s the mindset for me. There are a number of different fads that are out there that are not sustainable but I’ve learned it’s really about the proper goal setting and mindset. It’s not about beating yourself up if you do decide to indulge but overall having intensions to set yourself up for success long term.”

Nutrition Coaching Transformations

“I’ve been working with Coach Thomas for almost 2 years. I’ve been an athlete all my life. But I’ve never been able to change my physique because I’ve only ever focused on cardio. Thomas was able to help me get out of my comfort zone both with eating habits and strength training and I’ve seen more changes in the last 18-20 months than I have since college (and I just turned 40). With Thomas’s guidance, knowledge, encouragement and support I am in the best shape of my life and couldn’t be happier about it! Thomas got me to focus more strength training and developing a life-long healthy relationship with food in order to achieve results. He taught me that consistency is key and that results take time. he also taught me that results doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller number on the scale; which had always been my gauge for success in the past.  When I got discouraged he was there to help; when I had questions he was there to answer them. I like using Coach Thomas because he cares about his clients and their overall well being, not just about them losing weight.”

Nutrition Coaching Transformations

“I love that Thomas’ advice and strategy is tailored to me, and he switches it up based on my specific goals at a certain point in time. Almost a year post reaching my wedding goal and I’ll be a client for life. It’s not one size fits all. He puts me in check when I need to be put in check, doesn’t sugar coat things but is also realistic.”

Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

“He was on top everything and was attentive to all of my needs throughout my one year transformation. Once you pay for a coach they can get lazy, but Thomas and his team are on the ball each and every day and he gets quite involved to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. This helps him tailor his style of coaching to fit your needs.”

Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

“Not only have I lost weight, I have lost inches. I am fitting into clothes that I haven’t thought about wearing for years. I look better and feel better, and it has been great having a positive force in my life like Thomas.This isn’t some crazy fad diet that doesn’t fit into the rest of my busy life. I eat normal food, smart portion sizes, and I am accountable for my actions. Because Thomas has given me tools to eat healthier, my whole family is healthier too.”