Vacation You vs. Routine You

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It’s Summer!

Vacations are coming and there will be 2 types of people:

  1. Those feeling down on themselves that the goals they set out to achieve in January simply didn’t happen.
  2. Those who have been making progress and will feel guilty going on vacation and letting loose a little.

As for type 1, some will swear they tried and some will admit they didn’t.

Which one are you?

What can you do about it?

The reality is this: vacation isn’t the time to decide to start a new routine or force yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

I know you’ve thought about it or tried in the past. Has it worked? What makes this time different?

When making changes to your life, most people do well with small changes that are close to their normal routine. Is vacation your normal routine? I doubt it.

So, enjoy your time, and reach out to us when you get home so we can help get you building some momentum before the Fall. It only takes 12 weeks.

As for type 2, you’ve been building momentum and making progress  – ENJOY IT. It’s okay.

One week isn’t going to ruin your progress. When you get back, get back to your normal routine. You don’t need to “catch up” or make up for your vacay. I promise.

Since you have been crushing it, you probably, subconsciously, won’t allow yourself to overdo it too much.

However, if you’d feel better keeping a mild focus on it, do this: try to keep your day to day eating as close to your normal as usual. But don’t worry how far you stray from it.

Take walks.

Finally, a great piece of advice that anyone can use on vacation no matter where you are on your journey:

Don’t compare vacation you to routine you. They are different people, and one wouldn’t exist as powerfully without the other. Acknowledge that.

Also, acknowledge that this vacation you will be making much better decisions in general vs. a previous vacation. Those wins matter.

Compare vacation you to previous vacation you. And post-vacation you to previous post-vacation you.

It’s important to look through the right lens so we aren’t perpetually upset with ourselves.

There was a time in the past we wished to be here. Live in it and keep growing.

When you’re ready, head to to find out more about our 12 Week Foundational Coaching Program and find out what it’s like to never feel like you’re on a diet again.



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